Confident & Determined Hip Hop-Good Karma


Good Karma

Confident and determined rap song with inspiring lyrics.  Serves as good hopeful music for Youtube intros, background music, and montage scenes.

This license includes unlimited uses for any Youtube or small presentation videos including slideshows, advertisements, and tutorials.

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Wake up with a smile on ya face. Know there’s a reason you’re in this place. One thing it’s surely no mistake. Some blessings come early and some come late. Gotta live life free but with a coat of armor Misguided individuals will still try to harm ya. Do right to others and yourself reap rewards of good karma.


Used to think I need to stop running away from my problems. So I took the issues, blew some tissue, put that into an album. Triple six luck instead of triple sevens. Just praying for heaven while these hatas superstitious. Seems like yesterday wasn’t no food in the kitchen. Started this rap thing over a girl in my class. Wanted her to notice me and gimme her hand, In marriage, dreamed being on one knee in Paris. Too bad, she didn’t care for me decision was careless. Succeeded, and now every single woman can see me. Funny how past comments on your page were deleted. These hatas see ya happy then just want you defeated.


I guess I always wanted to be wealthy. Not for car and clothes just to keep my family healthy. Cuz growing up not many people there could help me. With that said same people were all except selfish. Gram would give us her last to pay dues past. While she was in low income housing bars on the glass. That’s why family first the few that always stay true. Most other cats meet em and already see through. Smile and wave in public then change they demeanor. Best friends turn into unprecedented evils. Saying all that to say life is quite the journey. Good things come to those who prove they deserve it.



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