50 Free Rap Background Music Licenses-Unlimited Use


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Download All 50 Free Rap Background Music Files for Free Below:


The Songs Included in this Free Rap Background Music Pack Are As Follows:

  1. Ain’t Got Time
  2. What I Was Born to Do
  3. What I Am On
  4. Top Down
  5. No Matter What It Takes
  6. Motivated By the Chase
  7. No Giving Up
  8. One
  9. It’s My Time
  10. Just Getting Started
  11. Work Hard
  12. The Game’s Mine
  13. I’m Doing Me
  14. Get Better
  15. Hunger Stays Inside of Me
  16. I Still Got It
  17. Ain’t No Giving In
  18. Be the Best
  19. Never Let Up
  20. Through My Veins
  21. Patience
  22. Put Here for a Reason
  23. Winning
  24. Remember Me
  25. Never Cease to Grow
  26. Man in These Streets
  27. Money Motivated
  28. Macauley Culkin
  29. Never Landing
  30. Make My Own Light
  31. Life Story
  32. Inspired
  33. Don’t Let No One Stop You
  34. Graduated
  35. Good Karma
  36. Good Day
  37. Doing My Thang
  38. Alright
  39. Break the Cycle
  40. Chosen One
  41. Barely Even Started
  42. Can’t Stop You
  43. Welcome to My City
  44. Never Be Denied
  45. So Long
  46. It’s My Life
  47. Came a Long Way
  48. Life That I Live
  49. Champion
  50. One Chance

When using our free rap background music:

-Please provide credit where credit is due. We keep our music affordable by creators spreading the word of our craft.  Please mention song title in video description or video playback when possible.
-Please do not redistribute the music as your own work.
-Please do not convert the track using third party software. Only download and license the song through our website at
-Please let your fellow colleagues know about our free royalty free songs.  We make our money from streams on music stores and through Youtube Ad revenue.  You can subscribe to us on Youtube at Dark Chocolate Music.

-To check out our full catalog of licensable songs, click here.


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