Make My Own Light-102 BPM


Make My Own Light






These daays it gets haard, and you wanna giiive up.
Cold shoulders and staaares give you the shiivers.
Even thoough it seems like there’s no letting up.
Until I make it out the daaaarkness, imma make my own light.

..Another day on the up and coming.
Tryna make something big happen outta nothin.
With all that being said guess I’m kinda lucky.
Could be worse, possible to be dime bag hustlin.
Out here tryna survive, whenever I turn around.
Devil knockin at the door urging me to commit crimes.
I’m just working to shine, on the straight and narrow line.
Hard out here with so little time.
Between friends fam and work tryna find middle ground.
Writing tracks every single day as they come to my mind.
Not here so I can get signed, so that I can get mine.
And show my momma world, and hope that it’ll be kind.
Cuz growing up in the 60s, happiness hard to find.
Specially if you black brown a woman or blind.
If ya more than one of those cant imagine oh my.
Girl bye all these fools filled wit hatred, au revoir.
And it’s been quite a journey not to mention been so long.
Touching down overseas talk about go long.
Reward for putting up with those who treated me so wrong.
Y’all said I would never make it well y’all just GO ON!


Started out with a vision. Turned it to real talk.
Rappin bout everything I was put on this earth for.
Crazy what I’ve become chasin this capital.
Imaginary vehicles turned into something actual.
Fakin it til you make it and it all becomes factual.
Feels great to be here and no reason for an attitude.
Thank the lord above this right here can show how much gratitude.
Today the Vette droptop, yesterday was the Malibu.
And the day before that Geo barely got me to school.
Told myself I want better so decided to pick and choose.
Had to cut off bad influences switch up my team.
Only moguls allowed, the ones who after the green.
See I been after this cheese, since I could breathe.
Mentors and heads of companies would gimme a tease.
Them seats at the dinner tables and rounds on the golf course.
Pushed me to wanna be one of the least poor.
Instead of the opposite, despite all of the obstacles.
The man in front of you is on his way to the top.
To y’all I told I’d make it and you said I would not.
Keep ya jaw dropped while my V8 pull off.



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