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Background Music No Copyright Rap has tons of energy and inspiration.  Serves as good successful music for Youtube intros, background music, and montage scenes.

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We all want success, we all want to provide. The dream’s to make it to the top and not go down the slide. Hold on tight, because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Keep ya head up high, and neva be denied. We all want success, we all want to provide. The dream’s to make it to the top and not go down the slide. Hold on tight, because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Keep ya head up high, and neva be denied.

Numbers don’t lie, cept the 2012 apocalypse. Let me tell you I’m on a roll ain’t nothing stopping this. Gas so high at like fo maybe five bucks. Since when was a car payment equal to the price to fill up. Fo sho, yeah our country’s in the gutta, But we still have a chance to try and help it recova. Lotta greedy folk use million dolla bonuses to vacation. Yet othas workin 2,3 jobs fo dey kids Playstation.

And these days, that’s just the way we play. Most of us can’t pay retail so we get all our stuff on ebay. Used and abused like many children these days. And beat up like when 5 gangbangas snatch up ya Jays. Wit all da rape cases and drive bys of minorities. Somehow a middle finger at a Super Bowl gets priority. There needs to be a change in American ideology. That involves curing sick folks and gittin rid of the poverty.


Said it’s rough growing up with barely enough. Yo survival depends on how cool or tough you are. Kids no longer wanna be smart, just wanna blend in. What kinda messages are these parents sendin. It upsets me, matta fact I’m furious. When did our values turn upside down, I’m kinda curious.

To get ahead in this World you need an education. Or else drugs which guarantees death or incarceration. In the inner cities and the projects. Tryna stay on the right path it’s really hard, yes. Scare tactics, false hopes to steer the youth in the wrong direction. When you at home nobody talks to you or shows you affection.

The World showin all of this prejudice. While everybody else talkin about how we ahead of it. We all need a little spiritual healin’ And every time that I feel it I get on dese beats and kill it.


What else can I say but keep ya head up, And work ya tail off til you can finally get ya bread up. Soon as you git it, remember who helped you wit it. Don’t eva become a Scrooge, wit family always split it. Because houses, cars, fur coats, and boats Ain’t nothing if ya can’t share em with the ones ya love most. Cash motivates a lotta incidents, So keep ya head right and neva give in to its influence.

Levitation, comin up the corporate ladder, had two jobs til I turned in that resignation. Have a celebration, peace to the old life, sayonara to the slow rides. Crib gotta brand new designation, 8,000 square feet, on an island in a secret location. Don’t talk about the playoffs, commissioner runnin hip hop like Adolf. Pity those, who used to bully me in elementary and knocked over my kiddie cones.

On a urinary tract disintegrating eliminating all of you kidney stones. Two closets full of wardrobe from days openin up the drawers and seein there weren’t any clothes. Was hatin back then and in the present safe to say I have foes. Killin rap so people try to memorize my genocide, Minimize corruption fools be makin false assumptions. Cook these lyrics for consumption, maximizin on production.

Some people make it process out to destroy my progress. Sit back and watched in silence as others were out there shinin. Now smile’s on my face, had to finish what I started from back in the day. Just wanted a slice ended up with the cake, for goodness sake look at the man I became.




2,501+ Youtube Audience, Advertising/Commercial Use/Radio Broadcast, Movie Trailer/Feature Length Film, National TV Show Syndication, Non-Profit/Audience Under 2,500


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