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This rap stock music talks about staying “on the grind” and hustling through all the trials and tribulations. The hook is fun and repetitive while the verses feature melodic cadences from Dark Chocolate and Blanco.   The lyrics in this song help convey a mood of confidence and drive within yourself.

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Been on the climb for a while. Had to gon turn up the dial. Yeah it’s been quite a long ride. Got the whole team by my side. Young boy he stay on the grind. (Repeat)
Hard times I put up a fight. Took a few wrongs made em right. Couldn’t let opportunities slide. Future was lookin too bright. Young boy he stay on the grind. (Repeat)
So many said I would fail. Pictured me broke or in jail. Made a new story to tell. Yunggun he’s doin quite well. I just pulled off in that Tesla. I never been under pressure, all I do’s bring em that pressure. Yo. Had to brush these hatas off my back. Tried to stand on my shoulders. Held em up like boulders.
Cant nobody hold us, the whole team on strong cuz. Went from last place up to bronze silver til I went gold. Keep a full house neva fold, always did what was told, hot tracks bars is cold, picture me rollin no rolls Royce strike a pose. Was puttin work in under they nose.
Dodgin the sticks n the stones. Typin bars on my phone, til I had time to hit the studio. Now cup it overflow. Opposition overthrow. Don’t nobody Wanna go toe to toe with the dude who did it on his own. Many hopin that I slow..but I rather do this thang on fast Ford.
Stayin on the grind like yunggun. Workin overtime like a yunggun. Finally got my dollas now I’m eatin good. Check out my gut yeah I’m finally eatin good.
Serve that s**t up on a platter yeah call it fine date. Whatchu tryna do I’m tryna move up outta state. Tryna go away down to south Florida. Gotta condo on the beach. Chillin out with the yacht. Understand we gon do this s**t hold up let me stop.
Check my flow naw yeah it’s all good. Go Christmas everything I shine yeah I live for. DC on the track. Repeat. Overload hit em with that. It’s been a hot min. Big Blanc back up in this bit. Now represent.

2,501+ Youtube Audience, Advertising/Commercial Use/Radio Broadcast, Movie Trailer/Feature Length Film, National TV Show Syndication, Non-Profit/Audience Under 2,500


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