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This royalty free inspirational music about growing up is great for coming of age projects, inspirational videos, and scene transitions. Inspirational hip hop chorus with raw and personal verses. The lyrics in this song help convey a mood of confidence and reassurance within one’s self.

This cool and inspiring hip hop is great for scenes and projects discussing life and daily struggles.  If you are looking to license more of our best sellers, click here.

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It’s my life, it’s whatever, It’s my life, it’s whatever. It’s my life, it’s whatever, It’s my life, it’s whatever. All the things they say, I’m just gonna do everything my way, because I know, It’s my life, it’s whatever, It’s my life, it’s whatever.

Can’t complain, life has been decent. All my electronics are somewhat recent. Not a lotta pocket change, but I had what I needed. Couldn’t go outside so I was always in readin. Parents both worked full time so we could keep eatin. Me and bruh were bad so we got a few beatins.

It was in my best interest to be disciplined, Cuz these days you get paid based on speakin skills and listenin. People judge you based on what they don’t know, think they betta than you cuz they rich and you got no dough.

Well, well, they call it class warfare, More like the underprivileged against the ones who don’t care. If you at the tip top you should wanna share. Some doin double overtime while you sit in a chair. Bein a stingy old man, that ain’t noble. Bout to Sprint to the top and take over no T-Mobile.


Now many people like to tell someone what’s best for them. While others talk behind dey back instead of step to them. 90% of the time they don’t want you to succeed. Stead of callin an ambulance pick ya pockets while ya bleed. Humans are like vultures, feed off remains.

Do almost anything to reap financial gains. It’s all such a shame. Someone’ll ruin ya life and they don’t even know ya name. In my eyes ya gotta get what’s yours. But I won’t take it away from anybody who worked hard for it. Hear all the time it’s a dog eat dog environment.

This is ridiculous man, I’m just so sick and tired of it. Folks wanna stab they friends in the back, that ain’t just. Sleep wit one eye open cuz there’s no one you can trust. No more love in the World, there’s just lust. Kids dreams ain’t bein encouraged they just crushed, but,


To everybody in a tough spot. Good things come to those who try to take the tough shot. Greater the risk, greater the benefit. Long as you prevail, how you got there is irrelevant. Always have someone who supports you through the good and the bad. Smiles when ya happy and cuddles you when ya sad. Just about everyone else you meet will be a fair-weather. If they could they would skin you and sell ya bare leather. Some gon wanna see ya soul rot. Others gon try to run you like a robot. Livin ya life for others it’ll haunt you. So betta live the way ya want to.



2,501+ Youtube Audience, Advertising/Commercial Use/Radio Broadcast, Movie Trailer/Feature Length Film, National TV Show Syndication, Non-Profit/Audience Under 2,500


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