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Royalty free music download with confident lyrics.  Serves as perfect inspiring music for Youtube intros, background music, and montage scenes.

This license includes unlimited uses for any Youtube or small presentation videos including slideshows, advertisements, and tutorials.

This royalty free music download is great for scenes and projects discussing empowerment or optimism.  If you are looking to license other songs, click here.

When using our music:

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Keep goin til ya outta breath. Don’t ever stop until there’s nothing left.
Ya gotta give it all to get ya check. So many people wanna see ya fall and see ya stressed.
I know it’s hard out there but gon and put ya heead up. Promise it’s worth it, go ahead and get ya breead up.
So what if everyone try put you under pressure. No matter what just persevere and never leeet up.

Tryna find a path, from the aftermath, of sitting in class, looking back, realizing I barely passed.
And the Fact all 4 years I was Strapped for Cash, the little she had momma always had my back.
The cards I was dealt at the time were pretty sad, still I went all in, showed the world that I had other plans.
Due to all He put me through became a different man, learned at every obstacle gotta take a stand.
Monopolized the rap game after I took a chance, slowly built my brand up like a colony of ants.
Several nay Sayers continued telling me I can’t, Once ya army strong, everyone wan join ya camp.
They like “Ay Dark Chocolate, I told you one day you would be the champ.” The same ones on day one said the boy was trash.
Tell em thanks for they support took a lotta hands, but all my reals keep they hands in they pants. YAH!
Birthday parties I done missed, girls I liked but never kissed, now the events I make up, and all the ladies know what’s up.
For the childhood I never lived, learn to enjoy life again, restarted missions that I win, took some tries but it’s all good I guess.
Had so many on my list, now the length is plenty less, those who said I was a pest, now they say wan be friends.
To all the reals that believed in me, thanks for never leavin me, had kids in school who were Teasin me, crazy some just hate to see ya breathin.
Others work harder to be ya even, although that’s something they ain’t achieving, instead they change they whole demeanor, all to steal from and deceive ya.
No one said it would be easy, sacrificed so much to be here, had nothing cept good intentions, I spit what’s real there’s no pretending.
I’m at the top there’s no descending, I gave it all for no agenda, when everyone wants your surrender, you tell em all to come and get it.
Through all the pain I’ve yet to change, won’t let this journey be in vein, like red wine on white rug stain, I’ll never ever go away!Chorus


2,501+ Youtube Audience, Advertising/Commercial Use/Radio Broadcast, Movie Trailer/Feature Length Film, National TV Show Syndication, Non-Profit/Audience Under 2,500


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