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Motivational and triumphant royalty free sports music with motivational lyrics.  Serves as perfect hype music for Youtube intros, background music, and montage scenes.

This license includes unlimited uses for any Youtube or small presentation videos including slideshows, advertisements, and tutorials.

This royalty free sports music is great for scenes and projects discussing power or motivation.  If you are looking to license other songs, click here.

When using our royalty free sports music:

-Please provide credit where credit is due. We keep our music affordable by creators spreading the word of our craft.
-Please do not redistribute the music as your own work.
-Please do not convert the track using third party software. Only download and license the song through our website at
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Came a long way, can’t believe I made it this far. Ridin roun in this car, transformed into this star, havin to work this hard was worth it, found my purpose, swam from the abyss to the surface, the reward of constantly workin.
AAAYY, and now I’m finally eatin.
AAAYY, the mission’s been completed.
Yah…..can’t yall see I can’t be beaten?
Infiniti and oh I will never be defeated.


Several years of my 20s I never took a day off, used to stay up all night hustlin til I’d finally daze off.  Rookie of the rap game and made the playoffs, made it through the recession and layoffs, didn’t get prison time like Bernie Madoff, it was money or the girls so I made the tradeoff, toast to the underpaid I’m paid off.

Took a fast break now the whole team gittin fast cake, hunned dolla bills fill the ashtray.  Expiration never reached so no past date, had dreams of topping off my parents gas tanks.  Janky promoters were brushed off the shoulders crushing those opposin my reign since they were older.

Salute to the real dudes, who were standing behind me fo I had bills to peel through, uh, ooh a piece a candy ooh a piece a candy.  Ladies make it clap, cheeks, Sandy. Pull out my handy dandy notebook, about to change her life with a prize, Oprah.

Brain blast never hail Lord Poultra, but you chickens so easy in comparison, clear through competition so I’m Claritin. Roll round in a whip that you starin in. Windows so dark don’t know on who that ya peerin in.

Concentrate on the mission and all I’m given, consistent in the rap game gets you plenty. Nobody deserves anything from me except my mother, and if I died today, wouldn’t change this life for nothin.



If I change the World well Lil homie dats a bonus. Every other rapper helps these people sleep, melatonin. Man, I done made it to the promise land, seems yesterday I was sitting in my momma’s van.

Moving me up the chain yeah it took a lotta hands. Invested in my future and it took a lotta grands, Fam gave me everything they had took em all to get a tan. On Miami Beach, where the sun mesmerizing put you to sleep.

Now I can’t even speak, see how I’ve been blessed, can’t even think, of this journey being anymore perfect, and we barely opened the curtains.  Two thumbs up reviews coming soon that I am certain. It was weird walking the earth without a purpose.

It was continuous soul searching, kept my head High while I Tried to put my hands to the Sky.  Promised that I would Fly or Die in a failed attempt, competition wanted me to quit but I ain’t give no Consent, prayed one day we’d no longer have to worry bout payin the Rent, and those were prayers well spent.



2,501+ Youtube Audience, Advertising/Commercial Use/Radio Broadcast, Movie Trailer/Feature Length Film, National TV Show Syndication, Non-Profit/Audience Under 2,500


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