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This royalty free rap background music is a proud and confident no copyright rap song with confident lyrics.  Serves as perfect inspirational music for Youtube intros, background music, and montage scenes.

This license includes unlimited uses for any Youtube or small presentation videos including slideshows, advertisements, and tutorials.

This Royalty Free Rap Background Music is great for scenes and projects discussing empowerment or inspiration.  If you are looking to license other songs, click here.

When using our Royalty Free Rap Background Music:

-Please provide credit where credit is due. We keep our music affordable by creators spreading the word of our craft.  Whenever available (Youtube description, end credits, etc.), please provide the name of the song along with the artist, so potential new fans can find our work.
-Please do not redistribute the music as your own work.
-Please do not convert the track using third party software. Only download and license the song through our website at

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I’m the champion I cannot be stopped.

This is my world it cannot be rocked.

Took a lotta work just to reach the top.

Good luck to those who want to see me flop.

I’ll be number one for eternity.


Want to thank everyone who helped me Get here.

When I was stressed the ones that kept my Head clear.

Can’t believe that we finally made it.

All the dues paid off the ones that we paid in.

Contrary to popular belief. I became popular to the W-O-R-L-D.  Now I’m flexin every D-A-Y, muscles so high lookin like they fly.

Stats say I should be cookin fries.  Too bad so sad society nice try. Pull up to my old hood and they say nice ride.  Bank account on jumbo used to be bite sized.

No confederate flags, but my house with the Pickett fence white pride, and to those who don’t like me you can eat my hide, HA!  Rap was all about hustlin til ya make it, so I chased after the dream like Taken.  Now I’m bringin home the bacon!


Sittin at my desk tryna pass tests, so I could just move to the Next one.

Writing down all of these Lessons, keepin my work and play Separate.  Wonder why they Pressure us into livin as Peasants.

What if we want somethin Extra, not goin after small checkstubs, reach for the coconuts, and maybe you can be the Best one.  Cuz I tell ya what nobody gon holla at you when you Second.  Everyone can be first cuz ranking is all perception.

First don’t necessarily equal credentials of perfection, ask any person to ever win an election, Serena Williams had matches she coulda made some corrections, LeBron had a few buzzer beaters the buzzer beat him, possibilities are endless long as you not defeated and the only one that can do that is yourself, all the wealth, health, and good cards dealt mean nothing if love isn’t felt, and chasin dreams don’t mean anything if you don’t believe, so ya see, bein the best me is everything.




2,501+ Youtube Audience, Advertising/Commercial Use/Radio Broadcast, Movie Trailer/Feature Length Film, National TV Show Syndication, Non-Profit/Audience Under 2,500


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