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Royalty free rock music with metal vocals.  Serves as perfect energetic music for Youtube intros, background music, and montage scenes.

This license includes unlimited uses for any Youtube or small presentation videos including slideshows, advertisements, and tutorials.

This royalty free rock music is great for scenes and projects discussing strength or motivation.  If you are looking to license other songs, click here.

When using our royalty free music:

-Please provide credit where credit is due. We keep our music affordable by creators spreading the word of our craft.  Whenever available (Youtube description, end credits, etc.), please provide the name of the song along with the artist, so potential new fans can find our work.
-Please do not redistribute the music as your own work.
-Please do not convert the track using third party software. Only download and license the song through our website at

-If you are a company looking to license our music for film, tv, or national broadcast, please email our Sync Placement team at


To license our music for larger projects including commercial production movie trailers, please click here or email us at




I’m living on the edge.
I just got up outta bed.
Out here tryna git this bread.
For everyone who told me that I wouldn’t make it.
Standin on the ledge.
Gotta keep my head.
Above water.
I’m on the edge.
I’m livin on the edge. (2x)
Ay, I remember bein that guy. Everybody said don’t try. Swat em down like small flies. Super size mind no small fries. Gotta get it for the time I ain’t have a cent to my name. I’m still the same. Ball like I’m king James. My mission is not impossible, it’s probable that imma be killin it for a lotta time. Check my wrist I don’t care.
Got my Fitbit averaging 15k steps a day. Not letting anything get in my way. So many opps tried to git in my face. Now they do the same thing cuz I’m runnin my race. Yeeeaahh.
Used to want me a couple foreigns. Tesla Model 3’ll do the dash for them times I was poor. Oh. Gotta git it. Can’t stop. Until I hit the top, won’t rock the boat like the titanic. They tryna sink me down but ain’t gon happen. Nah nah nah.
Worked to get ahead. Get my ego fed, lookin over. Lucky as a 4 leaf clover, thank God everyday. That I’m livin on the edge.
Since a little guy I knew I’d make it this time. Everybody tried to tell me not this time. But I just kept goin. Check the flow that I rip.
Loss of good memories, had some good energy.
Took it all away from me, I was all outta money..
Had to take a few risks…..had to stack a few chips….
Many wanted this gift….but they couldn’t have it.
Locked it down, didn’t make a sound, had to make my family proud,
I could hear the crowd, cheering loud, as I’m comin out.
Wishing for the cloud in my mind, to give a sign.
That this would be mine, and I wasn’t out here wastin time.
Only got one life, cannot fold only thing is shine….cannot fold only thing is shine.

2,501+ Youtube Audience, Advertising/Commercial Use/Radio Broadcast, Movie Trailer/Feature Length Film, National TV Show Syndication, Non-Profit/Audience Under 2,500


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