Trip-160 BPM-Upbeat Background Rap

This upbeat background rap song is perfect if you need some uptempo hip hop for use in tv, film, or videos games.  The song was written and recorded by the artists, and the catchy chorus is the center of this boastful and fun track.

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I just took a trip out to the Bahamas.  Took the sailboat all the way to the Bahamas.  Put that on yo baby mama.  I just took a trip all the way to the Bahamas.  Took the sailboat all the way out to the Bahamas.  Put that on yo baby mama.  I’m gittin guap flow.  Yeah. I’m gittin guap flow. Yeah.


Took a trip, F*ck a yacht.  I’m out here doin me where the rollie stop, watchin, you know how I move.  Been a minute since you heard from who.

It’s the return of Blanco and I’m in the room.  Everybody lower they tone when I’m in the room.  Might just pop up on you like I’m Pop Smoke.  Might just be a turd, like you never know.  B*tch it’s return of Blanco here we go.

Takin ova chartered waters unterritorial.  I don’t wanna be in yo city, but I need some money.  Hold up whatchu mean, I ain’t no junkie.  I just need about 50 f*ckin racks.  F*ck these words Imma twist em like that.

Fire up the pressure they can holla back.  And if you diggin this then gon take a nap.  Cuz I know they been sleepin, we the type to just creep in.  Go ahead and tell em where we from.  Tennessee baby Hennessey 6-1-5.


White polo shirt with the khaki shorts.  I’m lookin out over the water.  Stay catchin fish with my pole.  Takin ova til it’s time to go home.  Been on for a minute, out here tryna git it.

To the top spot, had that tunnel vision.  Wale said they want me for my ambition, eatin real good gittin guap is my nutrition.  Go ahead and wait cuz I’m gittin my cake.  I ain’t never early, I’m always up late.

Young boy live his own life and he workin for himself, got that internet money yeah you know what’s next.  Put the whole team on, all we do is rap.

Upload it to Youtube then we get cash.  I just took a trip now I’m bout to take another, shoutout DaBlanco that’s my brother from another.




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