What They Wanna Be is Me-Royalty Free Hard Metal Rap


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What They Wanna Be is Me WAV
What They Wanna Be is Me WAV
What They Wanna Be is Me

“What They Wanna Be is Me” is a royalty free hard metal rap song conveying the attitude of a somewhat optimistic artist as he battles the fact that so many want to be in this position.

This hard metal rap song is great for sports broadcasts, Youtube videos, and video game background music.

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They tryna take my life from me. Because I’m all that they can’t be. They tryna take my life, They tryna take my life, yeah. They want something they can’t have. For them that makes me sad. Cuz they wanna be what they can’t be. And what they wanna be is me.


Back in the day they would bully me in school. Now I play by my own rules. Same fools who thought they cool. See the whip, can’t help but drool. Yeah, can’t lose. As I’m passin by.

Stayed outta sight, til I blew they minds. I did. No cap. Put myself on the map. That Mustang electric. Out In traffic it smack. Yunggun stayed up in his lane.

For the money not the fame. I’m the only to blame. For success or for the chains. Can’t be tamed. Tried put me in a cage. But after bein paid. Failure no longer afraid.





Why they try to exile me. Wouldn’t be where you at if it wasn’t for the gang. Switch lanes, still rockin my own campaign. Me and DC still publishing. If you touch a hair on DC head, I’m goin against the grain. I’m writing, f**k what they say pocktes heavy, overload.

Trucker code touched down to raise hell, got my homie’s bail, fresh outta jail. But why they turn their backs on me f**k em any ways a million different ways. F**k em anyways, a million different ways, yeah yeah. Whoo.


2,501+ Youtube Audience, Advertising/Commercial Use/Radio Broadcast, Movie Trailer/Feature Length Film, National TV Show Syndication, Non-Profit/Audience Under 2,500


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