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This royalty free inspiration rap song talks about being on the rise in terms of reaching your destiny.  It is meant to inspire an audience to keep pushing and hustling to accomplish your dreams.   The mellow chorus lyrics contemplate the motivated mood of the verses.

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I’m on my waaaay……
Obstacles come and go.
But where you end ups based on who you know. Gotta know myself. Makin it’s a must for my health. Despite the odds gotta earn my wealth.
I’m on my waaaayy…..
This is only getting started.
My career I gotta steer from those who want it.
Cuz I earned these stripes young boy he never bought it. Shark in the water I risked it all and caught it.
I’m on my waaayyy….


As a yunggun I was lucky. Mom and dad showed me you could make it big from nothing.
And though they didn’t know financial wealth or gittin out the ghetto, they made sure they kids had opportunities at bein somethin.
So when I pass last years greatness I just keep it comin. Forget yesterday’s time I just keep on runnin.
For that top spot….cuz so many sniffin for it.
My whip may not be a foreign but start up every mornin.
That’s a blessing… of life’s greatest lessons.
Beat the brakes off yo failures until they get the message.
Nice guys finish last, but that’s better than second.
Cuz first don’t mean much unless it is forever.
Gotta stay on full throttle can’t let off the petal.
Young boy won’t ever settle I was shackled not a pilgrim.
So I bust through the chains that were metal, blowin like a kettle.
Worried bout my stock prices, not the glimmer of my bezel.



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