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This royalty free motivational hard rock song is about leaving the past behind and focusing on overcoming your future. This song is great for inspirational videos, background movie trailer music, and scene transitions.  The lyrics in this song help convey a mood of strength and inspiration.

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Separation. From all the bad things that have happened to me.
Separation. So I can be all I can be.
Separation. Is deep inside of me…..
Separation…causes so much anxiety.
Started out with nothing. Zero times zero won’t make somethin. Slowly added up the bands then multiplied em. My fam wouldn’t let outside forces divide us. …so these bars had to write em. Wasn’t worried bout who id be considered an item with. Concerned about who id be dyin or ridin with. And the monetary funds that I gotta git. My day one teams only ones that I’m Sidin with.
Need space from the opponents, still keep enemies close though. Devoted to my cause, still I stick to the bro code.
The past is the past ya can’t dwell on it.
This life is a test best do well on it.
Bought shares early on in the game had to hold em.
So many ignored all the wisdom I told em.
Prices went up finally collectin dividends.
This the end of my beginning and beginning of the end.
It’s a trend, I’m the man.
A shark up in the water, on the rise never descend.
(4 bar bridge)
Had to disconnect from the bad vibes.
Gotta focus on good ahead of me not the bad times.
Came back in the game like I took steroids during halftime.
Need my whips real clean, 24/7 bath time.
And gittin money always been my favorite pastime.
Risked everything I had to get my pockets fat.
Call it an obsession, I call it direction.
God blessed me with many talents, just made a selection.

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