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This royalty free motivational music is about coming up and putting in work no matter what. This melodic hook and driving verses make the song an absolute hit for any scene transition, Youtube video, or movie trailer.

This cool and motivating hip hop is great for scenes and projects the come up and ascension.  If you are looking to license more of our best sellers, click here.

When using our Royalty Free Motivational Music:

-Please provide credit where credit is due. We keep our music affordable by creators spreading the word of our craft.

-Please do not redistribute the music as your own work.

-Please do not convert the track using third party software. Only download and license the song through our website at

-This license is for non-broadcast licensing only. NO commercials, tv shows, movie trailers, etc. If you are a company looking to license our music, please email our Sync Placement team at



I’m on anotha level…..
I can’t be stopped yeah.
I’m on another level…..
Tryna climb to the top.
I’m on Anotha level…(Repeat)
Uncle let me whip his Benz, just knew that I’d be somethin.
From eatin fun dip to corporate functions,
Came up from the dungeon and now I run this.
Made the jump to greatness without a bungee.
Kondi Peyton Manning I’m Tony Dungy.
And people wanna talk trash bout ya grind.
When you make double what they make over-time.
But I’m still on it.
I been elite. Never had to cheat.
Just lost some sleep. Made it back once I made it big.
Got one life to live, dreamed of this since ize a kid.
Chasin a em, and if I fall, make a hunned thousand.
Held up my chin, knew I had to win. Still breakin my own records like Simone Biles.
Did it wit some old beats, add my own style.
And this that flow that makes em all bow down.
….my eyes hurtin but I’m still workin.
No maybach, gotta crib that needs blinds curtains.
My shawty head wrapped up like she gotta turban.
Wet out here, fakes slide on the surface.
Contrary to numerous opinions.
Not a dang thang finna defeat my dominion.
Yet to be reliant on others dependence.
Me and what I got got many offended.  It’s all good though.

2,501+ Youtube Audience, Advertising/Commercial Use/Radio Broadcast, Movie Trailer/Feature Length Film, National TV Show Syndication, Non-Profit/Audience Under 2,500


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